What is synthetic gelatin?

Clear Ballistics created synthetic gelatin to replace any application where standard gelatin is used, excluding food applications where gelatin is consumed. Our synthetic gelatin is complete transparent, shelf stable from -10F / -23.3C thru 95 F / 35C, completely odorless & colorless, it is colorable from transparent to solid color, contains no organic materials, and can be exported to any country. Our synthetic gelatin originally intent was for terminal ballistic applications however, we found it has numerous other applications.


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Clear Ballistics specializes in the manufacturing of 100% CLEAR REUSABLE SYNTHETIC BALLISTIC GEL and molds for research, training, and recreation.


Take a closer look as we examine the total cost of each product Clear Ballistics Synthetic Ballistic Gelatin -VS- traditional ordnance 240 A gelatin

See the difference

Our Synthetic Ballistic Gelatin

  • 100% crystal clear
  • Contains NO gelatin powder
  • Odorless
  • Replaces 240 A ordnance gelatin
  • Multiple reuses
  • Only cost effect ballistics testing medium
  • No refrigeration required
  • No Mixing
  • Doesn’t require PHD to make or calibrate
  • Meets FBI & NATO Protocols for ballistic gelatin testing
  • Comes complete calibration
  • Exports to any country world wide

Many Industry Uses

  • Ballistic Testing
  • Preform Ballistic Ammo Testing
  • Gelatin testing
  • R & D for devices
  • Advertisements and Displays
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Prop Manufacturing
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Engineering
  • 3D Modeling
  • University testing
  • High Quality shock absorbent reusable dunnage

Our Services

  • Manufacturing Synthetic Ballistic Gelatin in all sizes & shapes
  • Manufacturing custom metal molds
  • Custom poly-carbonate molds
  • Custom silicone molds
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Amazing customer support
  • Amazing pre-sales & post-sales support
  • Very well versed in world shipping
  • Government GSA sales

Different Solutions our Synthetic Gelatin Replaces

Standard Block sizes

Pounds of Gelatin Produced per Day

Countries Shipped To


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Customer Successes

Clear Ballistics has raised the bar in regards to clarity and consistency. I am confident that I can pull a block out of the box, shoot it, and throw it right in a display case to give to a dealer or take to a trade show.

Angelo J. Ferraraccio Jr.

Cutting Edge Bullets LLC

Clear Ballistic gel tests showed excellent penetration and energy transfer.

Dustin Ellerman

Season Three Top Shot Champion, History Channel

All of the 6x6x16 (FBI) blocks of gel were phenomenal.

Ryan Forsythe

Operations / Marketing Manager, International Cartridge Corporation

I have been using Ballistic Gel alot lately and I really like it, big thanks to Clear Ballistics the best I have ever seen.

FPS Russian

Professional Russian, Official YouTube Channel FPS Russian

SIMTEST by Corbin

Cost to make 8 - 6w by 6h by 2l blocks
  • Solid brown
  • No ballistic data
  • Stinks so bad causes gagging
  • unlimited uses
  • Complete organic made of animals
  • Temperature stable up to 140F / 60C
  • Possible calibration / must guess
  • No guarantee
  • No support

Standard Gelatin

Cost for 12 Blocks 6w by 6h by 16l of ordnance gelatin 240 A
  • Dark to light amber
  • Possible Ballistic data
  • Stinks
  • Use one time
  • Complete organic made of animals
  • Temperature stable up to 70F / 21.1C
  • Requires years of expertise to calibration
  • No guarantee
  • No support

Number of Minutes to use brand new Clear Ballistics Products

Number of Hours to make & use one block of 240 A ballistic gelatin