"Clear Ballistics is an American company specializing in the manufacturing of 100% CLEAR REUSABLE SYNTHETIC BALLISTIC GEL and molds for research, training, and recreation."

Our customer base includes hobbyist, gun clubs, professional investigation companies, and law enforcement agencies. Our ballistic gel is clear as glass, complete reusable, and is ready to use upon arrival. Clear Ballistic's ballistics gel provides unmatched terminal ballistics data for all types guns, bows, spears, knives, and all types of swords.

Our Ballistic Gelatin

* 100% crystal clear
* Contains NO gelatin powder
* Odorless
* Replaces standard ordnance gelatin
* Completely Reusable
* Only cost effective ballistic testing medium
* Multiple shots per block
* Mimics human tissue 100%
* No refrigeration required
* No Mixing
* No Cooking
* Meet the FBI & NATO Protocols for ballistic gelatin testing
* Durable—just rinse with water 

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Many Industry Uses

* Ballistic Testing 
* Preform Ballistic Ammo Testing ANYWHERE
* Medical Industry – testing 
Medical industry- Devices R & D
* Mixed Martial Arts
* Prop Manufacturing
* Aerospace Industry
* Engineering
* 3D Modeling 
* University testing 
* High Quality shock absorbent reusable dunnage 

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Our Services

* Manufacturing Synthetic Ballistic Gelatin in all sizes & shapes
* Manufacturing custom metal molds 

* Custom poly-carbonate molds for torso & heads
* Turnkey solutions
* Amazing customer support 
* Amazing pre-sales & post-sales support

Our Gel has been featured on Discovery Network, National Geographic Channel, CBS, & Sportsman's Network

Check our Ballistic Gelatin out on Airgunner TV

Customer Successes

 Clear Ballistic gel tests showed excellent penetration and energy transfer. Dustin Ellerman - Season Three Top Shot Champion Dustin's Website

 Clear Ballistics has raised the bar in regards to clarity and consistency. I am confident that I can pull a block out of the box, shoot it, and throw it right in a display case to give to a dealer or take to a trade show. Angelo J. Ferraraccio Jr. - Cutting Edge Bullets LLC

 All of the 6x6x16 blocks of gel were phenomenal. Ryan Forsythe - International Cartridge Corporation

I have been using Ballistic Gel alot lately and I really like it, big thanks to Clear Ballistics the best I have ever seen.  FPS Russian Official YouTube Channel - FPS Russian YouTube Channel

More testimonials

Industry Publications

Check out Lindsey Bertomen’s article “A Clear Result – Sig Sauer’s Elite Performance Ammunition using Clear Ballistics Gelatin,” page 32-25, September 2014 issue of Law Enforcement Technology magazine by Officer.com - Read

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