Ballistic Gelatin Basics


Do I have to mix anything?

No, all of our ballistic gelatin products come ready to use & pre-calibrated, and they never fall out of calibration.

Is your ballistic gelatin 100% clear?

Yes, our entire line of ballistic gelatin product is 100% clear as glass.

Is your ballistic gelatin reusable?

Yes, our entire line of ballistics gelatins are reusable.

Does the ballistic gelatin smell?

No, it is odorless & not it contains no organic materials.

Will your ballistic gelatin mold?

No, it will not mold rot or mildew.

Does your ballistic gelatin have to be stored in a refrigerator?

No, all of our ballistic gelatin can be stored anywhere if the temperature stays under 110 F / 37.77 C. It needs to be kept out of direct sunlight when storing for long periods of time

Does your ballistic gelatin contain ordnance 240A gelatin?

No, all of our ballistic gelatin is gelatin free.

Does your product replace ballistic gelatin used for testing ballistic data?

Yes, it replaces traditional ordnance 240A ballistic gelatin 100%. Our product meets the FBI protocol for testing terminal ballistics of human tissue.

Will the ballistic gelatin stay clear?

The ballistic gelatin will remain crystal clear until the sixth re-melt. After number six it will begin to start to turn a very yellow tone color each time you re-melt it and gradually get darker.

Can I melt my block of ballistic gelatin?

Yes, each block of ballistic gelatin has complete instructions on how to melt the ballistic gelatin. The melting instructions are also located on your order receipt that you receive via your email. Online at Clearballistics.com/instructions

How many times can I re-melt the ballistic gelatin?

On average eight to ten times depending on how you care for it. After the 10th time the oil in the gel will being to brown which is aesthetics only. It will stay within calibration even if it is no longer clear.

What type of quality control measure do you have in place?

We do batch controlling for all products. We also use lot numbers for strict quality control measures, and ballistic testing to verify each batch is following the FBI protocol for ballistic testing of human tissue. Each order comes with a calibration card show you how it calibrated

Can you provide written documentation proving your quality control measures?

We can provide a letter of certification if your company needs to use our ballistic gelatin products where the FDA requires these types of quality controls.

What is the different between 10% Ballistic Gelatin and 20% Ballistic Gelatin?

Clear Ballistic Gelatin 10% replaces 10% solution 240A ordnance gelatin solution that is calibrated to meet the USA FBI protocol for calibrated ordnance gelatin.

Clear Ballistic Gelatin 20% replaces 20% solution 240A ordnance gelatin solution that is calibrated to meet the NATO protocol for calibrated ordnance gelatin.

What is the FBI protocol you follow for calibrating ballistic Gelatin?

The FBI protocol we follow is firing a standard .177 caliber (4.5 mm) steel BB from an air gun over a chronograph at 590 feet per second (fps), plus or minus +/- 10 fps into the ballistic gelatin. The penetration of the steel BB must result in 8.5 centimeters (cm), plus or minus 1 cm, penetration (2.95 inches to 3.74 inches.)

What is the NATO protocol you follow for calibrating ballistic Gelatin?

The for NATO protocol we follow is firing a standard .177 caliber (4.5 mm) steel a BB must meet the following criteria, which is by shooting a BB at 590 feet per second plus or minus +/- 10 feet, 10 feet away into a block of gelatin, and the resting position of the BB is 4.2 cm – 4.6 cm (4.4 ± 0.2 cm).

Why is there a NATO version of Ballistic Gelatin?

The NATO version of ballistic gelatin exist because all NATO countries use full-metal-jacket bullets, FMJ bullets. This is to reduce the exit wound so the apposing solder is wounded but not killed. The ballistic gelatin needs to be much stiffer to stop the a bullet

What is less than perfect gelatin?

Less than perfect ballistic gelatin is ballistic gelatin which got some type of foreign material in during the manufacturing process or its off color (not 100% clear as glass). It preforms the same as all our ballistic gelatin it is just not perfect so rather than waste the product we sale it for less.


Ballistic Gelatin Product Specifics


What sizes are your blocks of ballistic gelatin?

We sell any size. However we have four popular sizes of ballistic gelatin: FBI– 16L6Wx6H, Air Gun – 9Lx4Wx4H, Bow Block – 12Lx14Wx6H, and Sniper block size, which is two of our FBI end to end – 32Lx6Wx6H

How much does a block of 10% gelatin weight?

- Air Gun: 4.5 lbs.
- FBI block: 17.5 lbs.
- Bow block: 36 lbs.
- Sniper block: 36 lbs,
- Half Swat Block: 58 lbs.
- Long Block: 63 lbs.
- Full Swat Block: 85.5 lbs.
- Joe Fit Torso: 70 lbs.

How much does a block of 20% gelatin weight?

- Air Gun: 4.5 lbs.
- FBI block: 17.5 lbs.
- Bow block: 36 lbs.
- Sniper block: 36 lbs,
- Half Swat Block: 58 lbs.
- Long Block: 63 lbs.
- Full Swat Block: 85.5 lbs.
- Joe Fit Torso: 70 lbs.

Can your ballistic gelatin be colored?

Yes it can be colored. We offer numerous colors in our store.

Can your ballistic gelatin be used for other things other than ballistic testing?

Yes, it can be used in any test where one would need to test penetration of human tissue.

What are the melting temperatures for your synthetic ballistics gelatin?

The product begins melting surface melting at 105 F / 45.5 C. Normal melting temperatures range from 200 F to 270 F / 93.33 C to 132.22 C. The flash point of the ballistic gelatin is 325 F /162.77 C.

Do you make custom size blocks of ballistic gelatin?

Yes, we can make any size or shape that you wish. Please contact one of our sale staff for pricing via the contact page. We have the option to request a special request on our contact page.

Can I make a dummy’s head out of ballistic gelatin?

Yes, any shape can be made from the ballistic gelatin.

Can I put bone or tile in the ballistic gelatin?

Yes, but the contents you insert cannot contain any water.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide. All USA shipments are sent via FedEX (you can choose the speed of service). For all international shipments and PPO’s we ship via DHL, FedEX, United States Post Office, or sea. Special note for all overseas order please call us for a shipping quote.

What other industries are using your ballistic gelatin other than the firearms industry?

Currently, we services many industries including medical tool manufacturing companies, medical research companies, colleges & higher institutional learning facilities, hobbyist, and high school science fair competitions.

Can you make your ballistic gelatin into the shape my company needs?

We can mold our ballistic gelatin into any shape you want in any quantity want.

Can I buy a thousand items?

Yes, you can purchase any quantity you want, and yes we do offer volume discounts.

Can I just buy a mold?

Yes, we sell a numerous of molds at store.clearballistics.com

Can I get a custom sized mold?

Yes, just call us our phone number (888) 271-0461 or submit a request via our contact page and use the option to request a special request on our contact page

What sizes of standard molds do you sell?

See our online store for details. All molds are ready to ship the following day.


Company Focused


Do you have a return policy?

Yes, please check our company policy page.

What is the web address to your store?

 Do you sell on Amazon?

yes you can see the products we have listed by click this link .

If we get an email from someone at cbgel.com or cbgels.com is that from Clear Ballistics?

It sure is us.  We shortened our email address to make it easier to spell and use.  However if you have our @clearballistics.com email address they still work.

 Do you have a retail store?

No, to keep the cost down of our products, we have decided not to have a storefront at this time.

Where are you located?

Our sales office and manufacturing plant is located in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

What type of discounts do you offer?

 We offer discounts for law enforcement personnel, Ammunition companies (industry), and volume discounts.  To get this discount you will need to speak to sales staff or submit a request for call back via our Contact page .

Can I become a reseller or distributor?

Yes, we are always looking for our next partner. Just contact via our contact page and one of sales team member will contact you.

What is the best way to contact Clear Ballistics?

The online request form is the fastest way to contact us, because we respond ASAP including after hours including weekends. Our phones are staffed only 8 -5 Monday to Friday.

I need more information about your company how can I get it?

We will be more than happy to provide additional information. You can request that information by contacting us on via our our contact page or call us toll free.

Can I get additional information about your Clear Ballistics products?

Yes, please fill out the online request form and we can send you additional information.

Do you have gift certificates?

No, we do not offer gift certificates at this time.

Do you do purchase orders (PO’S)?

Yes, pending credit approval. Most PO's over $1000.00 require 50% deposit. The remainder may be paid over 30 days.

Are you hiring?

In our manufacturing areas we are not. In our sales area we always are.

What are your hours of operations?

We are open Monday – Friday 8am-5pm. We do respond to email & social media request after hours and weekends.

Do you take checks, cash, and credit cards?

We accept business checks and all major credit cards

Do you have a Facebook account or Twitter?

Can I get a tracking number for my order?

Yes, our current primary shipping company is FedEx, unless shipping overseas.  For overseas orders we used DHL if possible otherwise we use USPS.  We prefer traceable packages.  Large order going overseas we use ship carriers.

How long does it take to fulfill my order?

On most orders ship the following business day. If you provided an email address with your order, you will receive an email containing your tracking number(s). You can always call and ask us by phone for an update.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Absolutely! We are very versed in shipping all across the globe.

Are there any restriction for importing in my country?

 Not to our knowledge.
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